Monday, June 9, 2008

Couture Design Award Slide Show

I took a few snapshots at the Awards Ceremony/Cocktail Party at the Wynn's club Blush. They're not the greatest pictures, but I wanted to share the excitement of that evening. I added some captions, but there's only so much room, so allow me to expand... "Cindy" is Cindy Edelstein of the Jeweler's Resource Bureau, a Jeweler's Advocate, and great friend. When Pamela was announced as the winner of the Gold Category, Cindy offered some words of encouragement to the shy designer, and helped her to the stage. "Erica" is Erica Courtney, one of Pamela's best friends, and an amazing jewelry designer; Erica also took home a Couture Design Award that night for her entry in the Platinum Category. "Sonya" is Sonya Ooten, a designer who we met and became friends with at last year's Couture Show; Sonya was a Finalist in the Bridal Category. Jim Taylor is the VP and Publisher of Town & Country Magazine; Pamela Fiori is the Editor-in-Chief of Town & Country Magazine; Lee Arevian is the VP of the Couture Show. Enjoy the show!