Friday, June 26, 2009

Pamela Froman wins JAWA Award for "Get Crushed" Campaign!

InDesign Magazine recently published the results of their second annual Jewelry & Watch Advertising Awards competition (also affectionately known as "the JAWAs") and we were excited to see Pamela Froman's "Get Crushed" campaign took 2nd place in the Manufacturer/Designer Procuct-Only Magazine Ad category!

Here's what a couple of the judges had to say about our "Get Crushed" campaign...

David Marks, co-founder of The Collaboration, a full-service marketing agency in Kansas City:
"'Crushed' is a much easier word to remember than the 'hand-hammered technique' Pamela Froman uses. Froman makes a convincing case that the line includes something for everyone with multiple examples of her pieces in each ad. And the play on words about having a crush stays cute, not hokey."

Mark Mazzarese, president of Mazzarese Fine Jewelry in Kansas City, KS:
"Nontraditional backdrops give the feeling of workmanship. Excellent product detail represented in the photography. Clever tag lines."

They also included a quote from me (Jilienne Hart, Marketing Director of Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry) about the "Real-Life Success" of this campaign:
"The first ad was done in partnership with a retailer, who reported that the Cleopatra Sparkle Ring was sold as soon as the ad appeared. The second ad appeared in Inside Weddings, and we immediately began receiving calls from women asking where they could purchase Pamela Froman's unique ring designs."

We love the campaign, and we're so happy to know that the industry pros who judged this competition love it to! We would like to thank all the judges of the JAWAs and, of course, big Thank Yous go out to our photographer, Jay Lawrence Goldman, and our ad agency, Dreamentia!

About the JAWA Awards:
(Transcribed from InDesign Magazine's May/June issue)
"Nearly 160 companies submitted more than 350 ads for consideration by our exceptional panel of judges, which includes the president of marketing for NBC Entertainment, three award-winning owners/directors of national marketing firms, an industry association director, and the president of a prestigious retail operation.
Judges were split into two groups of three, and none were allowed to vote on an ad in which they had a vested interest. They were asked to score each ad on five different criteria dealing with quality of production/graphics/photography, creativity, innovation, and emotional impact. Each criterion was graded on a scale of 1 to 10, which meant a minimum score of 5 and maximum of 50 for each ad, per judge. For any given criterion, a "1" meant the judge felt the ad was average in that quality, while a "10" indicated that the ad was extraordinary and beyond all expectations. A perfect score for an ad would have been 150.
You can view all of the wining ads, with full audio/video for the TV and radio winners, at"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pamela Froman quoted in Vegas Magazine!

Vegas Magazine article featuring interview with Pamela Froman
Cuffs shown are from Pamela's "Ombre Crush" Collection

When Vegas Magazine editor Laurie Brookins requested an interview with Pamela Froman about the upcoming Couture/JCK shows (last month), Pamela was honored to be selected out of the hundreds of designers who exhibit each year! Of course, the current economic conditions are on everyone's mind, so Ms. Brookins was most interested to know Pamela's thoughts on how the economy would affect the jewelry shows. An excerpt from the article follows:

Los Angeles-based Pamela Froman, who designs an eponymous jewelry collection, is likewise upbeat about traffic at Couture this year. "What I'm feeling is that we need to support each other now more than ever," she says. "I make everything here in LA, so I'm very motivated to support the idea of American-made as well as the small-business owner, whether you're a small jewelry store or a small jewelry designer." Froman, who captured the top prize at last year's Couture Awards, will debut an additions to her Ombre´ Crush collection this year, as well as a grouping of opals and diamonds set in 18k white, [yellow,] or rose gold.
Ultimately, no matter what the category, Froman believes there will be one trend that will emerge overall at JCK and Couture this year. "Anytime you're challenged by the economy, that's when people are going to be out there looking for something different," she says. "The way to set yourself apart is with the unique and special, pieces with stories. That's the way to come out on the winning side."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pamela Froman featured in the Jewelry Book!

The Jewelry Book's Spring 2009 issue includes a great article about Pamela Froman, written by Tasha Rayani. If you don't have this beautiful publication close at hand, don't worry, I've transcribed the article for you below...

"Individuality is the underlying theme of beauty," muses Pamela Froman when summing up her philosophy about creating jewelry. To achieve this individuality, the award-winning designer's collection is handcrafted in Los Angeles, thus ensuring that no two pieces are identical, even if similar in design. Marie Helene Morrow of Reinhold Jewelers in Puerto Rico, who carries Pamela's line, says, "Pamela doesn't overlap with any other designers. Her hand-hammered technique [which Pamela calls "Crushed"] is completely different and unique to her. The pieces are extremely versatile and can be worn every day and for any occasion."
Having won awards for her multiple-color gold designs (2008 Town & Country Couture Design Award and 2009 AGTA Spectrum Consumer's Choice Award), Pamela is now combining high-carat gold colors in yet another unique way. Her latest collection, "Ombre Crush," was inspired by the subtle color gradation of the textile dip-dye technique. Each piece combines at least two colors of 18k or 22k gold, which are handcrafted together to achieve a subtle transition of color, then finished with Pamela's signature "Crushed" technique.

The Ombre Crush collection includes new designs, as well as a few bestsellers that have been re-colored, including her "Headlight Hoops" and "Cleopatra Sparkle" ring. They embody Pamela's love of flowing scrolls and texture, and evoke jewelry from an ancient treasure trove. In 18k yellow and peachy-pink gold with two sparkling diamonds, the Cleopatra Sparkle ring shown here brings out the best of hammered and crushed. (

-By Tasha Rayani

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pamela Froman is a Diva who gives back!

Pamela Froman's unisex "Hope" Dog Tag

Allow me to explain...

This year, The Women's Jewelry Association (WJA) partnered with the Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F.) for their annual DIVA Design Competition, entitled "DIVA Gives Back!"

"The DIVA competition gives women across the country an opportunity to showcase their design skills," noted WJA president Yancy Weinrich, "This year, by partnering with the Diamond Empowerment Fund, we're also providing women with the additional opportunity of making a difference in the world."*

There were 3 categories in the competition this year: "Canadian Diamond DIVA", "Red Carpet DIVA", and "DIVA Gives Back"... Pamela decided to submit renderings to the DIVA Gives Back category, which challenged designers to create "an inspiring design that can be mass marketed as an affordable jewel to support the Diamond Empowerment Fund. The current design is a unisex bracelet (the famous Green Bracelet designed by Russell Simmons) What would you create that everyone could wear to show their support for the children of Africa?" and one of her designs (shown above) was selected as the winner!

Judges loved Pamela's unisex Dog Tag! The word HOPE, the small diamond set in gold, and the green stone drop, all serve to remind us that proceeds from the sale of this piece will go to help the disadvantaged people in African nations where diamonds are a natural resource. Pamela also plans to create a "bling-y" version of this piece to be auctioned off at the star studded Dallas Rocks: The Diamond Dinner and After Party gala benefit and auction to benefit D.E.F. in November.

The DIVA Awards were presented at a press conference during the JCK Show in Las Vegas, and was followed by a celebratory cocktail party later that evening at LAVO at the Palazzo. It was a fun night! Snapshots to follow...

About WJA and D.E.F.
The Women’s Jewelry Association was founded in 1983 and is the preeminent association of professional women in the jewelry, watch and related businesses. Founded in 2007, the Diamond Empowerment Fund raises money to support education initiatives that develop and empower economically disadvantaged people in African nations where diamonds are a natural resource. For more information on WJA visit and for more information on D.E.F. visit*

*excerpts taken from official WJA DIVA press release by Michelle Orman

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pamela Froman has been nominated for a WJA Award for Excellence!

We recently learned that Pamela Froman has been nominated for a WJA Award for Excellence in Fine Jewelry Design! The two other Nominees in this category are Katey Brunini of K. Brunini Jewelry, and Ann Lagos of Steven Lagos, and the list of past winners include amazing women such as Erica Courtney and Paula Crevoshay. Pamela is thrilled and honored to be nominated for such an impressive award so early in her career! Winners will be announced during the fabulous Awards for Excellence Dinner July 27th in New York.

About the Awards for Excellence
(copied from the official WJA website)
The Women's Jewelry Association pauses each year to honor a number of outstanding women who have excelled at their jobs in the jewelry and watch industry -- and by doing so have advanced the cause of women in general. A magnificent banquet attended by more than 600 people is the venue for these awards, making it a memorable evening for everyone.