Friday, June 19, 2009

Pamela Froman quoted in Vegas Magazine!

Vegas Magazine article featuring interview with Pamela Froman
Cuffs shown are from Pamela's "Ombre Crush" Collection

When Vegas Magazine editor Laurie Brookins requested an interview with Pamela Froman about the upcoming Couture/JCK shows (last month), Pamela was honored to be selected out of the hundreds of designers who exhibit each year! Of course, the current economic conditions are on everyone's mind, so Ms. Brookins was most interested to know Pamela's thoughts on how the economy would affect the jewelry shows. An excerpt from the article follows:

Los Angeles-based Pamela Froman, who designs an eponymous jewelry collection, is likewise upbeat about traffic at Couture this year. "What I'm feeling is that we need to support each other now more than ever," she says. "I make everything here in LA, so I'm very motivated to support the idea of American-made as well as the small-business owner, whether you're a small jewelry store or a small jewelry designer." Froman, who captured the top prize at last year's Couture Awards, will debut an additions to her Ombre´ Crush collection this year, as well as a grouping of opals and diamonds set in 18k white, [yellow,] or rose gold.
Ultimately, no matter what the category, Froman believes there will be one trend that will emerge overall at JCK and Couture this year. "Anytime you're challenged by the economy, that's when people are going to be out there looking for something different," she says. "The way to set yourself apart is with the unique and special, pieces with stories. That's the way to come out on the winning side."

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