Thursday, July 30, 2015

JCK Asks... Pamela Froman: an in-depth interview with the designer

The brand new issue of JCK arrived today and I was so excited to see Pamela's smiling face when I opened it up! In case you don't subscribe to this fabulous jewelry industry magazine, I've transcribed the interview for you below. Enjoy the read, I bet you'll learn something new about Pamela Froman!

JCK Asks... Pamela Froman
On literal and figurative crushes

If you said Pamela Froman was crushing it as a jewelry designer, you'd be right. Because you can't talk about Pamela Froman without talking about Crushed gold. "I thought I should name it," says the Los Angeles-based artist of her now-signature textured technique. "It reminded me of how tinfoil looks when you crush it up." Her Crushed work, often accompanied by soft swirls and scrolls, can be seen everywhere, from her one-of-a-kind opal pieces to her just-debuted wedding collection. "I also like adding unexpected fun stones, like bright blue paraiba tourmaline pave' surrounding a gorgeous opaque gray diamond set in white gold," she says. Just wait -- you'll get a crush of your own.
- Melissa Rose Bernardo

Age: Ageless (A lady never tells.)

Number of years in the biz: In my own business -- nine years.

Number of employees you oversee: 3

Family and pets: My husband, Jay; my 10-year-old son, Hudson; and fish.

Describe your personal style: Black goes with everything! (I think that comes from growing up in NYC.)

First piece you ever designed: A geometric sterling pendant/pin set with an oval faceted hematite cabochon that had copper triangles going through it -- very modern.

The single piece of jewelry you're most proud of: It is a toss-up between my Gothic Cross pendant and my Ombre' Arabesque cuff. The cross was made in 22k and 18k white gold, designed around an aquamarine cut in the shape of a cross. I am proud of the cuff because of all the details: It's a combination of 18k pink and yellow gold scrolls and diamonds around a gorgeous opal center; every element was two-tone pink and yellow -- even the bezels. [Jilienne's note: the Gothic Cross earned Pamela her first big industry award: the Town & Country Couture Design Award for Best in Gold!]

First job ever: Babysitter, then waitress.

How did you get started designing jewelry? I was a fashion design major at FIT and started making jewelry to sell on weekends to help pay for school. I ended up changing my major to jewelry design.

If you weren't designing jewelry, what would you be doing? Either designing furniture and home goods -- which I would still like to do -- or interior design. Or go completely the other way and be a psychologist.

Jewelry you're wearing right now: My Ombre' Cleopatra Ring, which is 18k yellow and pink gold; my 18k yellow Eternal Scroll ring on my thumb; and a platinum rutilated quartz pendant with paraiba tourmaline.

Five items on your desk right now: Waxes, tons of sketches, a drawing of Harry Potter that my 10-year-old did when he was 8, dark chocolate-covered pomegranates, and my computer.

Five songs on your playlist: "Uptown Funk," Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars; "Take Me to Church," Hozier; "Thinking Out Loud," Ed Shereen; "I Gotta Feeling," The Black Eyed Peas; and anything by P!nk.

Exercise regimen: Running after my kid.

What did you have for breakfast? Dark chocolate-covered almonds while running out the door.

Guilty pleasure: Howard Stern interviews.

Drink (daytime/evening): Water. I am a cheap date!

Must-visit spot for someone coming to L.A.: Besides my cool studio, I would say The Getty. The architecture, the view, the art -- it's all fabulous!

First website you check every day (not your own!): I want to sound sophisticated and say, but Instagram would be more likely.

Scent: The original Bond No. 9 New York.

Book you're reading: I loved Tina Fey's Bossypants, so I picked up Amy Poehler's book Yes Please.

Book you've been meaning to get to: Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point.

Preferred news source: My husband and son.

Main means of transportation: Since I live in L.A., I drive everywhere but, growing up in Manhattan, I really miss cabbing it.

Favorite movie: Oh my gosh, I have so many! Almost Famous, The Usual Suspects, The Big Lebowski, The Departed, The Breakfast Club, Despicable Me, Charade, The Fugitive, L.A. Confidential, When Harry Met Sally, Jerry Maguire...

Who would play you in your life story? I guess Julia Roberts because we both have big smiles and she seems like she has a good sense of humor!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pamela Froman wins WJA's Award for Excellence in Design!!!

Jewelry industry insiders from across the country gathered in New York last night for one of the biggest events of the year!

The Women's Jewelry Association's 32nd annual Awards for Excellence Gala, held this year at Pier 60 in New York, is a fabulous event that raises money for scholarships and grants for deserving women just entering the jewelry industry and also honors those exceptional women in the industry
who have made their mark and continue to be an example for those newcomers.

CJDG members showing their support for Pamela with signs they made from her headshot. Isn't this picture adorable?
Pamela is incredibly honored and humbled to have been presented with the WJA's Award for Excellence in Design at the gala, joining the ranks of previous winners like Angela Cummings (1984), Lisa Jenks (2006) and Irene Neuwirth (2013), all iconic designers in their own right.

We're so excited for Pamela and would love for you to join us in celebrating this special moment! If you weren't at the gala, you can watch a video of her acceptance speech on YouTube and feel like you were there. You can also see more coverage of the event on social media by searching #WJAAWARDS15. (And if you don't follow Pamela on social media yet, she's @PamelaFromanFJ on Instagram and Twitter, and Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry on Facebook.)