Monday, December 22, 2014

Designer Profile of Pamela Froman by Broken English Jewelry

This is the gorgeous header image used for Pamela's interview on the Broken English blog, jewelry by Pamela Froman.

Broken English is a very cool jewelry store, with locations in both Los Angeles and New York, that we are proud to work with!  Recently, Chris and Lucy (from the Broken English blog) visited Pamela's Los Angeles studio to interview the designer and photograph the beautiful space she works in as well as some of her fabulous fine jewelry creations.

Click here to see all the beautiful photography on the Broken English blog.

They also had Pamela fill out a questionnaire by hand (see above.) You can see a larger version of the handwritten answers (complete with scrolly doodles!) on the Broken English blog. But, since it's hand-written I decided to transcribe the questionnaire for you here in case you had trouble reading it in the original format:

Pamela Froman

Creative Soul & Jewelry Designer

I've Always Wanted To:
Swim with dolphins & design housewares & furniture & watches.

I'm Inspired By:
Architecture, strong women designers & amazing stones with cool inner dialogue.

My Favorite Place Is:
Eze or St. Paul De Vence in the South of France, or cuddling with my son & husband watching a movie.

Style For Me Is:
Individuality, someone who marches to the beat of their own drum!

My Fondest Memory Is:
Living in Paris, designing jewelry for the top couturiers, like Courreges, Valentino, Carita, etc. and immersing myself in the culture.

I Can't Live Without:
My friends and family (& Dark Chocolate Mint M&Ms)

My Greatest Love Is:
My beautiful, sweet, funny son, Hudson Elijah.

I'm Most Proud Of:
My son!

The Most Important Lesson I've Learned Is:
To listen to what someone has to say and then make your own decision & trust your gut!

Right Now I Am:

My Future Is:
Designing more than jewelry: housewares, furniture, maybe watches and handbags.

It's A Miracle That:
I made my son and that the earth produces incredible gems.

My Style Icons Are:
Audrey Hepburn, CoCo Chanel, Alexander McQueen

Always Remember That:
It takes as much effort to be kind as it does to be rude.

The Best Thing That Happened To Me Is:
My son Hudson & winning the Couture Town & Country Magazine Award in Gold!

The Best Decision I Made Is:
I know, redundant, but to have my son!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

An Interview with Pamela Froman in Prism Magazine

Megan Whitmire of AGTA interviewed Pamela for a beautiful 2-page article in the latest issue of Prism Magazine!
Megan Whitmire asked Pamela some really great questions in this interview! These two pages will give you insight into Pamela's design aesthetics (like, who she has in mind while designing, her favorite gemstones to work with and the first piece of jewelry she ever made) as well as a few personal tidbits you probably didn't know (like, what she can't leave the house without and the surprising job she had during high school!) You can read the interview in the digital version of Prism, or continue reading below where I've transcribed the interview for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

1.     Do you have any jewelry on right now?
Yes, my Ombre Cleopatra ring, my Eternal Scroll ring on my thumb, one of my opal rings and my Ombre Headlight Hoops.

2.     What is your favorite gemstone to work with?
I really love all gemstones but my favorites are the ones that have a great inner dialogue: like all types of opals, rutilated quartz (especially the platinum-color rutile!) rainbow moonstone and labradorite.  My other favorites right now, purely for their color, are purple-blue Tanzanite and vibrant blue Paraiba Tourmaline melee.  Oh! And also Malaia Zircon, a natural pinky-orangey-brown colored stone, because it pairs so well with my 18k pink & yellow “Ombre” collection.

3.     What is your favorite gemstone to wear?
Pretty much the same as above: Boulder Opals with Paraiba, Malaia Zircons and Platinum Rutilated Quartz… it really just depends on what color mood I’m in, whether I want to stand out with vibrant color, or go more “neutral” with either warm or cool tones.

4.     What is your best creative setting?
I think my Ombre pieces that “fade” from a Malaia Zircon center to 18k pink & yellow gold are some of my most creative settings… but as I write this I realize you probably meant a place where I feel creative. LOL!  It can be while taking a walk along a beautiful path at a resort… or relaxing on my sofa listing to music… or admiring a building with amazing architecture… or sometimes things just appear in my mind while lying in bed!

5.     What is your favorite memory of AGTA?
I don’t think I have just one favorite memory, I’ve got quite a few! I always love the moment when I find a specific stone that inspires me!  And while shopping for that “It” stone, I love running into friends and colleagues in the industry, excitedly discussing what stones we’ve seen or just bought. And of course I have fond memories of whenever I’ve won a Spectrum Award and get to go the gala to accept it!

6.     Do you have someone in mind when you create a piece of jewelry?
Not a specific person but, I do keep my ideal customer in mind: My Ideal Customer is a person that has a mind of their own, wants something that’s special but easy to wear with just about any outfit, and is not interested in something that looks like what everyone else has.

7.     What kind of team have you surrounded yourself with to make you successful?
My Husband is an amazing photographer, his professional shots of my jewelry have helped my brand image immensely, and my assistant/right-hand woman Jilienne has been an integral part of everything that has helped my business grow.

8.     What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
Besides my wonderful 9 year old son Hudson… I think achieving a recognized look is a huge accomplishment in this industry.  And if we’re talking awards, although I’ve won quite a few, the one that still stands out in my mind is my first Town & Country Couture Design Award for Best of Gold early in my career when I was still a relatively unknown designer. The other Finalists were H. Stern and Calgaro, I felt like an ingénue beating out Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett for the Best Actress Oscar!

9.     Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you?
I can point to two people who have had the biggest influence on my professional life. First: my mother. She was a shoe designer and sculptor who pushed me to go to FIT and made me draw everyday. She helped me have an appreciation for art and encouraged me to find my own vision. The second person is one of my close friends who started off as a mentor: Erica Courtney. She really was very generous with her knowledge and helped guide me through the jewelry industry. She taught me that there is room for everyone and if one designer is doing well than we all can do well. Both of these remarkable women encouraged me to push through my fears and follow my passion.

10.  What is something you can’t leave your house without?
My keys, my rings (Cleopatra Ring & Eternal Scroll thumb ring) and lip gloss.

11.  What was the first piece of jewelry you ever made?
It was for a project at FIT: a sterling silver and copper geometric modern pin with hematite and pearl. (I originally attended FIT for Fashion Design but fell in love with jewelry making while I was there and changed my major.)

12.  What song best describes your work ethic?
The Beatles “8 Days A Week”

13.  Pick two celebrities as your best friends. Why those two?
Steve Carell: I have a major crush on him. I find him soo funny and I think we would laugh a lot together.
Sandra Bullock: She seems nice, funny, sweet and intelligent. Plus, she would rock my jewelry!

14.  What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I was a magician’s assistant in high school, so I know a lot of magical secrets…

15.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I’ve been planning to expand into fine home goods and furniture for quite a while now, I expect to have established that branch of my business within the next 10 years. I might even have my own store, too!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pamela Froman is coming back to Houston!

It's been a year since Pamela last visited Cotton Club Collection in Houston and she's looking forward to seeing all the fabulous Texan women who collect her pieces! She's bringing some gorgeous new one-of-a-kind pieces with her (opals and tourmaline and platinum rutile, oh my!) as well as some signature standards like her always-in-style Headlight Hoops and multi-color "Get A Crush" Stack Rings.

Pamela will be in the store for three days to make your holiday shopping easier.  If you're looking to add to your wish list, come in on Thursday afternoon for the preview and bring/send your husband into the store on Friday or Saturday to pick up the gift he'll know you'll love!  Of course you can shop for yourself as well, Pamela loves working with women to help them find the perfect gift for themselves! Whatever your shopping style, Pamela looks forward to seeing you at Cotton Club!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pamela Froman on the Tanzanite Trend

Jewelry editor Deborah Yonick has been noticing a lot of tanzanite being used in designer jewelry lately. Knowing that Pamela has created many beautiful designs with this gem, Yonick contacted her to get her take on the current trend for an article in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. I've transcribed a bit of the interview for you below:
All jewelry shown in this two page spread is by Pamela Froman, photographed by Jay Lawrence Goldman.
  "I've been using tanzanite for a while. I'm attracted to its deep bluish-purple that plays well with some of my favorite stones, accentuating the purple flashes in rainbow moonstones and Australian boulder opals. It looks as good with 18k white gold as it does with my signature 18k yellow, giving me more versatility." 
  Froman, based in Los Angeles, prefers the more purple shades of tanzanite, but she says the blue color works better for certain designs. "I love the deep blue tanzanite paired with vibrant Paraiba tourmaline. It reminds me of tropical ocean waters. Last year, I combined these two stones with my rich yellow gold to create an earring that would pair well with my boulder opal designs. The earring was so popular that I expanded that color combination into the Caribbean Crush collection this year."
  Known for her "Crushed" textured 18k gold, Froman uses both faceted and cabochon cuts in unique natural gems and diamonds. "A few years ago I found some milky blue tanzanite cabochons that I just had to have, one of them became a ring's center stone framed by Paraiba tourmaline pave. Last year I started using more faceted rounds because I like pave setting tanzanite around other gems to accentuate the purple colors in the center stone."

Friday, November 7, 2014

Opals for October (or any time of year!)

October may be over but we're still in love with opals! The image above is last month's issue of JCK magazine, which featured Pamela's "Once Upon A Crush" opal ring to illustrate October's birthstone.  However, contrary to superstition, you don't need to be an October baby to wear an opal (you just get a better excuse!)

Here's a better look at the Once Upon a Crush ring... can you see the fairy tale scene?

This one-of-a-kind ring is named "Once Upon A Crush" because we think the Australian Boulder Opal looks like a magical fairy tale scene (can you see the mountain castle and the moat?) It's set in "crushed" 18k pink gold and surrounded by rare vibrant Paraiba Tourmalines to echo the colors of the opal. We'd wear this any day of the year and we weren't born in October. What about you?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Are you a Trend Setter?

"Ombre Scroll Crush Bar" Necklace in 18k yellow & pink gold set with diamonds (0.16tcw) on 16" fine cable chain.

Pamela's new "Ombre Scroll Crush Bar" Necklace was just featured in the September/October Issue of InDesign Magazine!  The design was selected for the fabulous "Customer Types" story which focused on "The Trend Setter" Type in this issue.

The Trend Setter is described by Cindy Edelstein as "a trend-conscious customer [who] loves the latest fashions and styles. Midi-rings, ear cuffs and climbers, and bar necklaces are right up her alley, but she's relying on your advice and fashion leadership to point the way."  Pamela's unique interpretation of the simple bar necklace was chosen to illustrate this trend because "Bar necklaces have been popular for at least two years now - which means there's still some life in this trend - and for customers who are just now thinking it would be a good idea, you might want to show them a variation on the theme just in case they're worried that 'everyone' has one already."    

This necklace is also available in all-yellow, all-pink or all-white gold to fit your personal style!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cast Your Vote for the 2014 MJSA Online Design Challenge!

Pamela was invited to be one of nine participants in the 5th annual MJSA Online Design Challenge and voting is now open to the public!  Click here to go to the voting page to see all nine entries and vote for your favorite.  (Of course, we hope Pamela's design is your favorite!)  You can only vote once so, if you'd like to help Pamela win, please share the voting link on your favorite social media outlets.

Here's a little more background on the competition, copied from MJSA's website: 

The 2014 Design Challenge: A Mother’s Love

For the fifth consecutive year, we’re hosting this online-only project, a favorite among our readers and website visitors. This year’s Design Challenge is centered around a padparadscha sapphire available from the project’s sponsor, Omi Gems in Los Angeles. We’ve supplied nine designers with a fictional scenario, presented here, about a group of siblings that have come together to commission a very special 70th birthday gift for their mother:

A gorgeous Beacon Hill home in Boston. Eight beautiful grandchildren. Enough time and money to travel the world. Amelia Andrews has a good life—and she shows her appreciation for it by giving back to her family and her community.
The Boston area native has spent the past 10 years since her retirement from Boston University, where she was a professor of art history, volunteering her time hosting art therapy sessions for homeless youth in some of the city’s toughest neighborhoods. She finds great satisfaction in helping kids—especially teenagers—work through their emotions while painting, drawing, and sculpting. On more than one occasion, Amelia’s compassion and tender nature has significantly impacted the direction of a young person’s life, redirecting his path toward a brighter future.
In addition to volunteering in the program for underprivileged youth, Amelia is a patron of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum—her favorite museum in the U.S., and what she likes to call her “second home.” She frequently leads tours and loves spending her free time there.
About once a week, Amelia brings the two of her grandchildren who are not yet school age to the museum for “art with grandma.” They explore the rooms together and Amelia teaches them something new each week. Her favorite painting there is an oil on canvas by Henri Matisse, “The Terrace, Saint-Tropez,” which hangs in the museum’s Yellow Room. It reminds her of the many trips she has taken with her husband to the French Riviera. The pinkish orange color of the flowers in the painting is Amelia’s favorite hue, reminding her of the many sunsets she has enjoyed in her life.
About a year ago, Amelia’s four children got together to plan a monumental gift for their mother’s 70th birthday, in honor of how much she had given to her family and her community over the past decade. They had discussed commissioning a jewelry piece Amelia could wear to events and private parties that she hosted at the museum that would be as impressive a work of art as the museum itself—something Isabella Stewart Gardner herself would be proud to wear.
Amelia can most often be found wearing heirloom Cartier passed down by her mother, most notably a collection of vintage brooches that she adores. She prefers warm tones and is obsessed with the colors of a sunset. This love of pinks and oranges fueled her children’s choice of a gorgeous 4.49 carat oval padparadscha sapphire, sourced from Omi Gems, as the focal point of the project.
Your mission is to design a special piece of jewelry for Amelia around this padparadscha sapphire, using any other materials you see fit. The cost of additional materials and labor cannot exceed a budget of $20,000.
Pamela's versatile design can be worn as a brooch...

... or as a pendant!
Here's how Pamela tackled the challenge, in her own words:

"I first approached the project by learning all I could about Amelia—her passions in life, her favorite art museum, her love of sunsets, and her fondness for heirloom Cartier pins. I wanted to create a wearable work of art for this wonderful woman whose life has revolved around art and giving back to her family and community. Because her story inspired multiple design ideas, I did some research into classic Cartier brooch styles to help narrow down the ideas. I noticed that many of the brooches were round or oval in shape so I decided to go that direction with the design.
Because I like versatility in my jewelry pieces, I chose to create a piece that she could wear either as a brooch or as a pendant. This will allow her the opportunity to wear it to a variety of functions with her family throughout the year: as a brooch during the cold Boston winters and as a pendant during the warmer months.
While designing the piece, I also studied her favorite painting, Henri Matisse’s “The Terrace, Saint-Tropez.” I took note of the colors in the painting, wanting to incorporate her favorite part, the pinkish orange flowers, into the brooch. I felt that my signature ombré style—having the design transition from 18k pink gold to 18k yellow gold—would capture the warmth of the flowers, and given Amela’s passion for sunsets, seemed like a color palette that she would love. Also, since the painting features a variety of beautiful flowers, I wanted the piece to have a “flowery” feel without being too literal. I created a scrollwork design reminiscent of petals radiating outward from the sapphire center.
Finally, I added diamonds to the design for a bit of sparkle and to highlight the gorgeous color of the padparadscha sapphire. An earlier version of the design incorporated pinkish orange sapphires inspired by the flowers in the painting but they blended too much into the gold and didn’t pop enough. Replacing them with diamonds added just the right amount of sparkle and, as they say, "diamonds are a girl’s best friend," whether that girl is 17 or 70. Happy birthday, Amelia!"

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cy Frederic's Ladies Night Trunk Show

Pamela Froman will be at Cy Fredrics for their annual Ladies Night event this year!

This is a party that's not to be missed!! Not only do they promise "giveaways, goodies & grandeur" as well as a fashion show of the latest clothing styles... Pamela will be there with all of her latest one-of-a-kind and limited edition fine jewelry designs!  If you're in the area, come party with Pamela! 

When: October 9th, 5-10pm
Where: Cy Fredrics, 2719 Pfingsten Rd, Glenview, Illinois 60026
Why: Because you will have a fabulous time! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pamela Froman is a Finalist in the 2015 Niche Awards!!!

"Harlequin Sparkle Bridal Suite" - shown in 22k & 18k White "Crushed" Gold with a halo of sparkling diamonds around a 2ct center. This suite can be custom-ordered around your desired center stone, whether it's smaller or larger or something more colorful like a sapphire or natural zircon!

According to their website, the NICHE Awards program, sponsored by NICHE Magazine, began in 1989 to celebrate excellence and innovation in American and Canadian fine craft. Artists are recognized in both professional and student divisions.

Nearly 2,000 entries are received each year from professional and student craft artists from across the U.S. and Canada. Each year, a prestigious panel of judges is selected by the editors of NICHE magazine, including gallery owners, guild and museum directors, curators, craft industry experts and arts advocates.  After the judging process is complete, and counts are tallied, the top-scoring pieces—5 in each category—become NICHE finalists. Out of these five, the highest-scoring piece in each category wins the NICHE award.

Pamela has been notified that she is one of the 5 finalists in the Wedding category for the 2015 Awards!  Her entry, shown above, is the "Harlequin Sparkle Bridal Suite" in 22k & 18k White Gold with a halo of sparkling diamonds framing a 2ct center stone.  This suite can be made to order around your desired center stone, whether that's a traditional diamond, smaller or larger,  or something more colorful like a sapphire or natural zircon!  The winners will be announced in January 2015 during the American Made Show in Washington DC.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Trunk Show & Personal Appearance at Naifeh Fine Jewelry!

Pamela is at Naifeh Fine Jewelry in Oklahoma City today and tomorrow and NewsOk newspaper, "Oklahoma's most trusted source for breaking news", included a story about the designer!  You can visit their website to read it but, I've also retyped it for you here:

Acclaimed jewelry designer Pamela Froman coming to city
This designing woman believes the more a piece of jewelry is worn, the more beautiful it becomes.
by Linda Miller, September 30, 2014

Award-winning jewelry designer Pamela Froman will make a personal appearance Wednesday and Thursday at Naifeh Fine Jewelry, 9203 N Pennsylvania.
She’s known for combining diamonds, colorful gemstones and pearls with rose, yellow and white gold. Froman has said she believes the more a piece is worn, the more beautiful it is because it becomes part of the person’s essence.
After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she sharpened her skills while designing jewelry for top European salons Courreges, Cacharel, Guy Larouche and Valentino. But she wanted to put her own stamp on jewelry. She started her own company, and recognition came quickly.
Froman has won many awards, including the Town & Country Couture Design Award for Best of Gold.

You can find Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry at Naifeh year-round but, only during a trunk show will you see the full extent of the collection including her latest one-of-a-kind and limited edition styles! If you live in the Oklahoma City area, be sure to stop in to meet Pamela and try on some of the fabulous jewelry designs she's brought with her!  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Now Available at Cy Fredrics!

Clockwise from left: 18k pink & yellow Ombre Arabesque Pendant with natural zircon & diamonds; 18k yellow Arabesque Ear Climbers with diamonds; 18k yellow Arabesque Sunburst Pendant with rainbow moonstone & Tanzanite; 18k white Framed Ellie Ring with natural opaque grey diamond and sparkling white diamonds. 

If you're in the Chicago area, you're in luck. We're pleased to announce that Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry is now carried at Cy Fredrics in Glenview, IL! Pamela will be heading out to Cy Fredrics for a personal appearance / trunk show this Fall, we'll give you more info on that later so you can make plans to meet Pamela and see her entire collection.  For now, stop in to see the new beauties that are already in the store!  If you've seen something online that they don't carry, don't worry, they can order it for you.  And if the piece you're interested in is a one-of-a-kind that has already found its home, we will work with you through Cy Fredrics to create something similar yet equally unique for you to call your own!

Monday, July 28, 2014

We Have a Crush on the Ear Climber Trend!

The hottest style in ear adornment this year is the Ear Climber!  Rapaport's Editor-In-Chief Amber Michelle reported on the trend spotted in Las Vegas, illustrating the story with Pamela's feminine "Arabesque Crush" Ear Climbers in 18k yellow with 0.35tcw sparkling diamonds set in the delicate curls of gold.

In case the copy is too small to be read in the image, here's what Amber had to say about Ear Climbers:
"Traditional wisdom has always been that earrings dropped down framing the face or sat flat on the ear.  Welcome to the newest look in ear wear: the climber that curves up and around the outer ear from the earlobe.  Ear climbers are a dramatic look that works especially well with updos and chic, short haircuts, while modernizing how women wear earrings."

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Few Facts About Pamela Froman

The June Issue of InDesign Magazine included "Fact Sheets" about some of the designers who would be exhibiting their new collections in Las Vegas this year and I thought it would be fun to share Pamela's with you! I've retyped the text from the issue below the image to make it easier to read. Enjoy!


In Their Own Words:
“My love of irregular surfaces inspired the texture of my collection, which uses a special combination of techniques I call “Crushed”, lending a softer more natural feel to the metal as well as making each item completely unique.  I believe that individuality is the true source of beauty.  That is also why I love the more unusual gemstones.  I believe all gems are precious and especially adore natural works of art like platinum rutilated quartz and opals, which are rare and interesting. I accent these beauties with high-quality diamonds and colored stones, setting them in combinations of my signature 18k gold colors to create distinctive pieces.  My mission is to create collectible works of art that will be worn, not locked away in a safe, passed down and appreciated for generations.”

Signature Style:
Scroll motifs, “Crushed” texture and innovative blends of special 18k gold colors & 22k gold combined with rare natural gems and high-quality diamonds.  Froman's pieces are perfect for the woman who wants something versatile, unique and eye-catching with understated glamour.

Latest Collection:
Caribbean Crush, based around the popular Tanzanite and Paraiba tourmaline earrings of the same name, merchandising well with the expanded Boulder Crush opal collection.  Also integrating lambskin leather cuffs and expanding bridal.

Top Retailers:
McCaskill & Co, Destin, FL; Lux Bond & Green, Westport, CT; Jerry Szor [now Szor Collections] Dallas, TX; Dolce, Telluride, CO

Best Seller descriptions:
1. The “Ellie” Ring style features a unique gemstone surrounded by pave diamonds (or Paraiba Tourmaline) on an S-Scroll shank, available in a variety of stones and 18k gold colors. 
MSRP: $4,400 - $9,700 (for rings shown)

2. “Crushed Melange” Hoops, fun and versatile 1.5 inch hoops in 18k Pink, White & Green gold.
MSRP: $3,300

2. “Get A Crush” Stack Rings – 18k White, Pink, Green, Chocolate, Charcoal, and 22k with diamonds (0.16tcw each) [also 18k Yellow & 18k Black, not shown]
MSRP: $2,040 - $2,420 each

Retailer Review:
“I had a treat recently and a great lesson.  The visit of Pamela Froman to Puerto Rico and the "unveiling" of new pieces and new designs that I had never seen before.  Having known Pamela for years, I thought I knew her work but to my great delight, she had broken barriers, searched for new stones and cuts, and lifted her collection to a new level.  It was inspiring to see the evolution of her ideas and direction and the passion with which she enveloped it all.  Never think that you know an artist as you never know really what they have become until you immerse yourself once again in their work.” – Marie Helene Morrow, Reinhold Jewelers, San Juan PR
(Note: This is the original quote submitted for the article, the final printed version was edited for length.) 

Also featured in this issue, Pamela's popular Caribbean Crush Earrings that were mentioned in the Fact Sheet article.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Now Available at The Gem Collection!

We're excited to announce that Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry can now be found at The Gem Collection in Tallahassee, FL!  They have just a few special pieces to start but more will be joining these three beauties soon. 

The styles you can currently find at The Gem Collection (shown above) are:
"Caribbean Crush" Ring - 18k Yellow with Tanzanite and Paraiba
"Ellie" Ring - 18k Yellow with Lightning Ridge Black Opal and Diamonds (one-of-a-kind)
"Scroll Crush" Pendant - 18k Yellow with Ethiopian Welo Opal and Diamonds (one-of-a-kind)

If you live in the Tallahassee area and would like to order a piece of Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry that you've seen elsewhere (like on our Facebook page or this blog) just let your favorite sales person at The Gem Collection know what you'd like and they will work with us to get you that piece you've been dreaming about!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Indesign Magazine's Interview About Mixed Metals with Pamela Froman

InDesign Magazine editor Tanya Dukes interviewed Pamela about her innovative technique of mixing multiple colors of 18k & 22k gold in her jewelry designs! A few of Pamela's popular "Ellie" rings are also featured in this issue. Check it out...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Beautiful Feature Story in Design Jewelry and Accessories Magazine!

The latest edition of the fabulous digital publication Design Jewelry & Accessories Magazine features one of Pamela's "Boulder Crush" rings on the cover and a 9 page story about Pamela inside, we're so excited to share it with you here!  If you would like to purchase the entire issue, please visit the magazine's website.  Photos are by Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography.

(In case the text on the images is too small to read, I've included credits for the jewelry shown on each page in the image captions and also pasted the text of the entire article below the last image.)

Image Credit: main image is Pamela's “Boulder Crush” Mini Frame Ring
From her “Boulder Crush” collection, this 18k Pink & Yellow Crushed Gold ring features a unique Australian Boulder Opal framed by diamond pave (0.25tcw), atop a split-scroll shank.

Image Credit: "Hera's Crush" Pendant
From the “Boulder Crush” collection, this one-of-a-kind pendant is reminiscent of the peacock feather, often associated with the Greek Goddess Hera.  Made of 18k Yellow Crushed Gold with a unique Australian Boulder Opal center (18.3ct) framed by two rows of pave-set Paraiba Tourmaline (1.5tcw)

Image Credit: “Ombre Arabesque Medallion” Pendant
For this pendant, Pamela combined 18k Pink and Yellow Crushed Gold to create a radial ombre effect emanating from the center stone, a natural 3ct Zircon, adding 0.92tcw brilliant-cut diamonds for that sparkle every girl loves.

Image Credit: “Dancing Yowah Opal” Earrings
From the “Arabesque Crush” collection, this one of a kind 18k Yellow Crushed Gold earring features a unique pair of 63.2tcw Australian Yowah Opal briolettes, with 0.33tcw sparkling diamonds in the scrolls.

Image Credit: “Cyndee’s Crush” Two-Finger Ring
From the “Boulder Crush” collection, this gorgeous ring is made of 18k Yellow & White Crushed Gold, featuring a unique Australian Boulder Opal (9.90ct) surrounded by 0.20tcw Diamond pave with 0.29tcw scattered Paraiba Tourmaline.

Image Credit (not in print): Assorted “Crushed” Cocktail Rings
One-of-a-kind statement rings of 18k Crushed Gold with unique natural center stones (Opal, Rutilated Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline & Rubelite Tourmaline shown) framed with diamond or Paraiba Tourmaline.

Image Credits (not in print):
“Eternal Scroll” Cuff
18k Pink & Yellow Gold alternate in each flowing s-scroll, set with 0.90tcw sparkling diamonds
“The Eleanora” Ring
From the new “Boulder Crush” collection, this 18k Yellow Crushed Gold ring features a 7ct Australian Boulder Opal framed by 0.80tcw Paraiba Tourmaline
“Warm Wedding” Bridal Suite
This set combines 18k Yellow & Pink Gold with lacy scrolls to create a warm feminine bridal suite.
The outer eternity bands are 18k Pink/Yellow set with 0.35tcw diamonds each.  The solitaire ring features a GIA certified Fancy Brownish-Yellow Cushion Modified Brilliant Diamond (1.72ct) surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamond pave and (3) 1pt diamonds on either side (0.19tcw). 
“Rustic Wedding” Stack
The perfect wedding stack for the girl that loves nature and simplicity, this stack features an 18k white solitaire ring set with a rustic grey diamond (1.3ct) surrounded by diamond pave and (3) 1pt diamonds on either side (0.18tcw); the outer bands are 18k Yellow with Chocolate Rhodium, and 18k White with Charcoal Rhodium, set with 0.16tcw scattered diamonds each.

Image Credit: Award-Winning "Ice Princess Crush" Cuff - Palladium.
From the "Arabesque Crush" collection, this scrolly tiara-inspired palladium cuff features and adularescent 15ct Rainbow Moonstone cabochon and over 3 carats of pave and bezel-set brilliant-cut gvs diamonds.
This stunning piece won the 2013 AGTA Spectrum "Gem Diva" Award for Bridal, as well as an award from the Palladium Alliance International for Innovation & Excellence in Palladium Design.

Image Credit: Award-Winning “Crushed Frame” Ring
This fabulous ring won the 2013 WJA “Dazzle Diva” Award for Best of Business / Day Wear!
Made of 18k Pink & White Crushed Gold, this ring features a phenomenal Australian Boulder Opal center (8.54ct) framed by 2 rows of Paraiba Tourmaline (0.87tcw) 
(This ring is the inspiration for the “Boulder Crush” Collection.)

 Image Credit: “Scroll Crush Frame” Earrings, Watermelon Tourmaline
18k Yellow Crushed Gold scrolls frame stripey Watermelon rose-cut slices (24.87tcw) with bezel-set Pink Tourmaline above and below each slice (0.46tcw)

The award-winning “Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry Collection” features handmade pieces comprised of multiple colors of precious metals [18k, 22k gold and platinum] and exquisite rare natural stones. Originality and meticulous attention to every detail are hallmarks of Pamela’s signature look; because each item is handmade, no two will ever be identical, even if they are similar in design. This one-of-a-kind, limited edition jewelry is as hip as it is timeless, transcending every generation and age, and specially crafted so that it may be treasured for years to come.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Pamela graduated from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology and subsequently moved to Europe, where she settled in Paris and began designing jewelry for the top couturier salons, including Courreges, Cacharel, Carita, Guy Larouche, and Valentino.  As much as she enjoyed the challenge of creating for preeminent designers, Pamela needed to forge her own artistic path. Pamela Froman’s creations combine classic European design elements with her own unique sensibility.  “I love irregular surfaces,” the designer explains, “so most of my Collection is textured with a special technique I call “Crushed”.  In fact, the cornerstone of my first line was The Mina Ring, a Crushed mélange of Platinum and 18k yellow gold with diamonds that was designed for an actress who wanted something distinctive and elegant.” 

The initial Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry Collection made its debut at the 2006 JCK Show in Las Vegas, where Pamela was awarded the promising title of Rising Star.   In 2008, she was identified as one of the 10 Best New Jewelry Designers by InDesign Magazine, and was thrilled to be presented with the prestigious Town & Country Couture Design Award for Best of Gold (an award often referred to as the "Oscar of the jewelry industry!") The award-winning quality of her designs continued to be recognized in 2009: Pamela was honored at the 25th Annual Spectrum Awards Gala with a Consumer's Choice Award for her one-of-a-kind "Pearl Mélange" lariat necklace; her one-of-a-kind “Sentimental Crush” Locket won a 2009 MJSA Vision Award; she was presented with another Couture Design Award in 2009, this time for Best of Bridal, and was also honored to be nominated for the WJA Award for Excellence in Design.  In 2010, Pamela won First Place Gold Distinction in the MJSA Vision Awards, for combining 18k pink and yellow gold to create her gorgeous “Royal Crush” statement necklace.  In 2011, the same color combination (18k pink & yellow), this time combined with a gorgeous honey-color Ethiopian Opal and sparkling diamond pave to create a stunning cocktail ring, earned Pamela another Spectrum Award!  2012 brought another nomination for the WJA Award for Excellence, as well as a WJA Diva Award (presented in 2013) for a fabulous cocktail ring featuring an Australian Opal surrounded by Paraiba Tourmaline pave.  In 2013, she received another Spectrum Award (this time for Bridal), was a Finalist in the Niche Awards, 1st Runner-Up in the Couture Design Awards’ Bridal category and was once again honored with a nomination for a WJA Award for Excellence.

Pamela feels strongly that individuality is the underlying theme of beauty. “I believe that the more a piece is worn the more beautiful it is because it becomes part of the person’s essence. Two people can wear the same piece and it will have a different look or give off a different aura. My mission is to create handmade jewelry of the highest quality; therefore, each piece is thoughtfully designed with 22k, Platinum, or an array of different colored 18k gold, so that everything from the cut, the color, and even the clarity of the stones flow seamlessly to complement the overall look of the design. I like to think that if my jewelry were someday discovered in an old buried treasure chest, it would stand the test of time, much like the antiquities of the great civilizations do today.”

Dubbed “The Golden Girl” by W Jewelry Magazine, Pamela Froman’s creations have also appeared in the pages of The Robb Report, Town & Country Magazine, Inside Weddings, Lucky, Self, and Bride’s Magazine, and Lark Book’s 500 Wedding Rings and 500 Gemstone Jewels, to name a few; her designs have also graced the covers of prominent industry publications such as Modern Jeweler, InDesign, and Jewellery Business Magazine.  In addition to print, Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry has been featured on television shows such as Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model and Stylista, as well as adorning the sexy stars of NBC’s Las Vegas: Vanessa Marcil, Cheryl Ladd, and Molly Sims.  Other celebrities who “have a crush” on Pamela’s unique style, include: Halle Berry, Diane Lane, Debra Messing, Meredith Brooks, Whoopi Goldberg, Norah Jones, and Eva Mendes.

Pamela and her husband, photographer Jay Lawrence Goldman, have created a studio oasis that they share -- a sanctuary within the city [of Los Angeles.] It is filled with natural light, and decorated with fountains, plants, an aviary of exotic finches, doves and canaries, and an area for their young son to play.  Pamela feels, "each piece of my jewelry is an expression from my soul," but considers her most precious creation to be her son, Hudson Elijah, born December 2004.  Becoming a mother has even inspired some of her designs, most notably the beautifully versatile "Mommy Earrings"!  The family resides in Santa Monica, California.