Monday, July 28, 2014

We Have a Crush on the Ear Climber Trend!

The hottest style in ear adornment this year is the Ear Climber!  Rapaport's Editor-In-Chief Amber Michelle reported on the trend spotted in Las Vegas, illustrating the story with Pamela's feminine "Arabesque Crush" Ear Climbers in 18k yellow with 0.35tcw sparkling diamonds set in the delicate curls of gold.

In case the copy is too small to be read in the image, here's what Amber had to say about Ear Climbers:
"Traditional wisdom has always been that earrings dropped down framing the face or sat flat on the ear.  Welcome to the newest look in ear wear: the climber that curves up and around the outer ear from the earlobe.  Ear climbers are a dramatic look that works especially well with updos and chic, short haircuts, while modernizing how women wear earrings."