Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pamela Froman won Best in Bridal Design!!!

Bridal Winners!
All rings are 18k Pink, White & Green Gold, with White Diamonds; the solitaire ring features a one-of-a-kind opalescent Milky Diamond, surrounded by white diamond pave.

Gold Finalist!
18k Yellow and Pink Gold with White Diamonds and crackly Fire Opal center.

Pamela Froman & Rachel Zoe
at the Couture Design Awards

The Couture Design Awards Gala last night was amazing! It felt like we were at the Oscars! (Which is apropos, since the Couture Design Awards are often referred to as the "Oscars of the fine jewelry industry".) There was also a surprise Celebrity Guest Presenter: Hollywood Stylist / Reality TV Star, Rachel Zoe!
As I mentioned yesterday, Pamela Froman was a finalist in two categories: Gold and Bridal... it seems the voters fell in love with her alternative take on the traditional wedding set, because she took top honors for Best of Bridal Design!!!
I have some great snapshots from the fabulous event that I will upload when we get back to LA, so be sure to check back next week!

All the Best,

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Couture Design Awards Update...

Hi Everyone! The Couture Design Awards Gala is tonight, and (drumroll, please...) Pamela Froman is a Finalist in two categories!!! How fantastic is that?!
I can't upload images right now but, if you want to take a look at the Finalists, you can visit and click on "Best of Gold" and "Best of Bridal" to see images of the top 3 in those categories. Thank you again for your votes!

All the Best,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pamela Froman on the cover of InDesign Magazine!

(click image to see a larger version)

We are so excited to see Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry featured on the cover of InDesign Magazine!!!

The Cover Photo caption reads: "Pamela Froman gives us a crush on jewelry from her Crushed Melange collection, which combines 18k pink, white, green and 22k yellow gold with sparkling diamonds."

About InDesign Magazine:
(paraphrased from
InDesign Magazine is created exclusively for retailers of fine jewelry design. Since readership consists only of jewelers who are already highly successful, InDesign focuses it efforts on only the highest-level management and marketing issues as well as finding creative ways in which jewelers can sell the exclusive luxury brands they carry in their stores. With a list of contributors that includes some of the biggest names in the business world and exciting high-end design and packaging, InDesign is quickly earning a reputation as the ultimate industry publication for America's very best jewelry stores.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry on the cover of Modern Jeweler!

Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry looks fabulous on the cover of this month's Modern Jeweler!

Pamela's popular "Crushed Headlight Hoops" are shown here in the largest size available; crafted from 18k Yellow "Crushed" Gold, with a single Diamond shining from the center of each hoop, these Headlights are the perfect way to glow, day or night! Sultry model Donna Feldman is also wearing the seductive "Serpentine Sparkle" Necklace; crafted from 18k Yellow "Crushed" Gold and over 1 carat of Diamond Pave, this sexy piece will stop traffic!

About Modern Jeweler Magazine:
(paraphrased from
Modern Jeweler is everything you need to know about jewelry in every issue: all the jewelry trends and new products that jewelers need to buy and the in-depth product knowledge they need to sell them. We are the first, and often the only, magazine to showcase hot new trends. Whether you are buying for thousands of stores, or just one, you can't miss an issue, with dozens of must-have new jewelry styles in each Modern Jeweler. That's why more retail jewelers subscribe to Modern Jeweler than to any other United States jewelry magazine.

Hudson's Mother's day gift

Hudson posing for our Holiday card, being a hip dude!!

Hudson smiling! Look at that Auburn hair! Okay I am a proud Mama.

"The Mother's day Necklace"

I had a wonderful Mother's day!! I was able to sleep in, (a rarity) I was awoken by breakfast in bed from my husband and my 4 year old son Hudson (my best creation!!), and then I had to follow a trail of his dinosaurs, plastic bugs to my Mother's day present. It was a sweet surprise, he made me a necklace with beads on it, see above. I guess he is following in his mother's footsteps, sort of.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pamela Froman: More Than Just a Crush!

(click on image to see larger version)

Pamela Froman was recently interviewed by Brandon Roberts for JQ Magazine, and the 1 page Designer Profile, entitled "More Than Just a Crush" appears in May/June issue, out now! For those of you who don't subscribe to the jewelry industry magazine, I've transcribed the article below:

by Brandon Roberts

More Than Just a Crush

"Get Crushed" may be the catch phrase that rising star Pamela Froman uses to describe her hand-hammered, mixed-gold pieces, but it more aptly describes what celeb devotees (like Halle Berry and Eva Mendes) are feeling about the truly standout line.

Anyone visiting the Los Angeles studio that Pamela Froman shares with her photographer husband, Jay Lawrence Goldman, is immediately struck by the designer's warm personality, genuine enthusiasm for making jewelry, and the funkiness of her design aesthetic. Those same qualities are what have shaped her unique line of mixed-gold jewelry.
Froman is a real designer's designer, meticulous about her craft and crazy (in a good way) about the details. She isn't tied to the trends; she simply listens closely to what her high-end customers want and, more importantly, envisions what they don't yet know they want. "I do whatever it is I like," she says simply, when asked about her design choices. "I would say I like my pieces to look like something you would find in a buried treasure chest somewhere in Europe, but have a hip - yet timeless - feel."
It's a winning tack. In short shrift, Froman has accumulated several prestigious jewelry industry awards, starting in 2006 with JCK's "Rising Star" nod. Last year*, she earned a "MJSA Vision Award for Jewelry Design" and Town & Country's [Couture Design Award] "Best In Gold" title for her one-of-a-kind Gothic Harlequin Cross. "It just blew me away that I won!" she exclaims, "And also to know that other designers had voted for me."
Insiders are clearly impressed. Duvall O'Steen of the World Gold Council said of Froman's work, "Pamela literally reinvented tri-color gold. Her innovative process for combining 18k mixed metals produces intriguing pieces that are truly unlike anything else on the market."

These kinds of accolades aren't the only thing drawing attention to Froman's stunning work, though. Turns out, the stars and their stylists are scooping up the line's diamond Headlight Hoops and Bangles as well as mixed-gold rings and wrist cuffs. "I do have a small celebrity following so far," acknowledges the designer humbly. Her client's names, however, are not small considering the likes of Debra Messing, Tyra Banks, Whoopi Goldberg, and Diane Lane. "Aside from winning awards," admits Froman, "my biggest thrill has been seeing pictures of Halle Berry wearing my Crushed Hoops everywhere!"

*Correction: Pamela won the MJSA Vision Award in 2009.

Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry is now available at Max's!

We're pleased to announce that Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry is now available at Max's Jewelry in St. Louis Park, MN! Max's owner, Ellen Hertz, is committed to featuring items that cannot be found elsewhere in the Twin Cities. Max's also provides a unique shopping experience: not only will you find jewelry made by some of the leading artisans in North America, you can also indulge in Ellen's delectable collection of exceptional chocolate confections!