Friday, August 14, 2015

Brand Ambassadors Bill & Elizabeth Campbell on why they love working with Pamela Froman

We love our retailers! One of the perks of being an independent designer is that you get to choose who you work with (to a degree, of course, because they have to choose to work with you too,) so, mutual adoration is a natural byproduct of our retail partnerships. Even knowing this, it's rare to get to see it all laid out in print, point by point, and read exactly why a retailer loves working with you.

So, you can imagine our delight when the new issue of InDesign magazine came out, featuring a Brand Ambassador story about the Campbells (who own McCaskill & Company in Destin, FL) talking about what it's like to work with (and sell, of course!) Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry. Full disclosure: we knew the story was being written but, we had no idea what a glowing review this would be! It warms my heart and puts a big grin on my face to transcribe this story for you below...

Brand Ambassador
Bill & Elizabeth Campbell
McCaskill & Company, Destin, FL

"We rarely add a new designer; we are extremely selective," say Bill Campbell, who operates McCaskill & Company with his wife, Elizabeth. So it's not surprising that the Campbells admired Pamela Froman's line for a few years at Couture before placing an order in summer 2011. "We'd loved her distinctive look and her use of yellow, pink, white, green, chocolate and black gold. The crushed technique she uses to combine several different colors of gold is absolutely beautiful," Bill says. Now the Campbells just wish they'd taken on the line sooner, as the vibrant handmade designs have been a clear hit with the store's clientele. - story by Josh Wimmer

Customers love it because: "The crushed finish makes Pamela's pieces so wearable -- the line has a very natural beauty. The color combinations seamlessly mix colors of gold, which makes her pieces easy to accessorize and interesting to the eye. People also love that each piece is handmade and no two pieces are exactly alike."

It's easy to sell because: "It just has such a pretty softness to it. And it transcends age and occasion. At our first Pamela Froman trunk show, every single person who came found something they loved. We couldn't recall that ever happening before."

The most popular pieces are: "Everything with opals, her Headlight Hoop earrings, and her Dangle gemstone earrings. Her tourmaline pieces, too. Her price points hover around $3,000 to $4,000, which gives the line a really broad appeal. We're always surprised at how many husbands come in and buy it for their wives. And then their wives come back in and buy more!"

I like working with them because: "Pamela and her assistant Jilienne Hart-Arth -- who's been with her forever -- are an absolute delight. And Pamela always wants to make sure a design is exactly the way you wanted it. She's very humble, too, very appreciative, and very considerate. Like, if you have anything going on in your life, she remembers that. That's just the person she is."

I'd recommend it to another retailer because: "We actually have recommended it to retailer friends in the industry! It's perfect if you're looking for a line that has a distinctive look yet broad appeal. It's not like anything else you're going to see. We have been nothing but thrilled since we began our relationship with Pamela."

"The Campbells truly respect my artistic vision and sell my work with as much passion as I have when I make it. Bill is especially passionate about my one-of-a-kind opal designs and always makes an early appointment to get first pick at Couture! They understand we are in this together and work to do whatever they can to help the business grow." - Pamela Froman