Monday, November 22, 2010

Personal Appearance / Trunk Show at Hummingbird Jewelers in Rhinebeck, NY!

Visiting family in New York for the Thanksgiving holiday? So is Pamela! And the next few days after that, she'll be visiting with friends and collectors at Hummingbird Jewelers in Rhinebeck, NY. So, after the tryptophan has worn off and you can move again, stop by and say Hi! If you're already in town and feel like a little window shopping, check out Hummingbird this week for a preview of the show.

Personal Appearance / Trunk Show
November 26th, 27th & 28th
Fri. & Sat. 10:30am-6pm, Sun. Noon-5pm
Hummingbird Jewelers
23A East Market Street
Rhinebeck, NY 12571
(845) 876-4585

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gems That Inspire: Rainbow Moonstone

Pamela's gorgeous Rainbow Moonstone "Royal Princess Cap" earrings were selected to illustrate the latest edition of "Gems That Inspire" in Watch & Jewelry Review magazine! The article also quoted Pamela's thoughts about the celestial stone: "I love when a gemstone is made more beautiful by perceived imperfections, and rainbow moonstone is the perfect example of this! Inclusions in the stone create beautiful rainbow flashes, and the milkiness seems to intensify the colors," says designer Pamela Froman. "In fact, rainbow moonstone has become one of the most requested gems in my collection of one-of-a-kind and limited edition colored stone cap earrings."

The is a wonderfully informative article, written by Jeff Prine. If you'd like to know more about the beautiful gemstone known as Rainbow Moonstone, I've copied some of it for you below so, read on...

Excerpts from "Gems That Inspire" by Jeff Prine, published in Watch & Jewelry Review:

The moon has been worshipped since the dawn of civilization so it's no wonder that the shimmery lunar-like glow found in moonstones makes them such a popular gem. The problem is, the most exceptional examples - colorless with a blue sheen - are rare, expensive, and difficult to find. Thanks to recent finds in the India subcontinent, the jewelry industry has embraced a stunning alternative: rainbow moonstone.
Also from the feldspar family, rainbow moonstone gets its name from the traces of albite and anorthite that create a rainbow-like play of colors when light hits the stone, causing phenomena known as "andularescence." While rainbow moonstone tends to appear to emit a lot of electric blue color, it resembles the finest blue moonstones that have become so dear.
Nonetheless, calling this variety of feldspar a moonstone is actually a misnomer - albeit a deliberate one. Rainbow moonstone is really a "rainbow labradorite" since its mineral content comes from the labradorite side of feldspars instead of the orthoclase branch from which blue moonstone is derived. In some English-speaking countries, it's sometimes referred to as "petrol moonstone" since the gem's color play resembles the multicolor film that gasoline displays under certain light.

Moonstone can be found in Brazil, the European Alps, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania, with the highest quality moonstones being found in Sri Lanka. Most rainbow moonstone, however, is found in southwest India.

Many of the metaphysical properties associated with moonstones are also associated with rainbow moonstone. The soft hues of rainbow moonstone are said to create feelings of peacefulness within one's self, while at the same time providing emotional strength, compassion, and inner confidence. Its labradorescence and the spectrum of light it creates are said to help with clearing and bringing in "uplifting energies." Therefore, rainbow moonstone enhances balance and harmony. The gem is associated with the Crown Chakra and is said to aid in granting wishes.
Another use of rainbow moonstone is protection, especially for those living in remote or rural areas.
Like the flashes of color, the gem purportedly elicits flashes of insight, increases intuition, and enhances one's creativity. It is said to enhance the power of the feminine, making it a favorite for brides (or those wishing to be betrothed.)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Emerging Designers Collective Event at Lux Bond & Green!

Lux Bond & Green, Connecticut’s oldest family owned and operated jewelry store, will host a special Trunk Show Event with all three fabulous fine jewelry designers of the “Emerging Designer’s Collective” at their Westport location, November 12-13.

The “Emerging Designer’s Collective” is Pamela Froman, Suzy Landa, and Julie Romanenko of Just Jules, three very distinctive designers who are all making a name for themselves in the world of fine jewelry. Pamela’s unique “Crushed” gold designs have been featured in Town & Country, The Robb Report & W Magazine, and celebrities Rachael Ray, Diane Lane, and Halle Berry have all been seen wearing her creations. Suzy’s gold and gemstone jewelry is equal parts playful and elegant, which is probably why Annette Bening chose a pair of Suzy’s earrings to wear in the movie The Women. Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters are also fans! Julie works with organic shapes, textures and themes to create naturalistic jewels of silver and gold with a vintage feel; her jewelry has been featured in InStyle Magazine, and Geena Davis wore Just Jules’ “Presidential Line” for her role on Commander In Chief!

Since each designer’s style is unique and complements the other, these amazing women have agreed to come together for this special event at Lux Bond & Green. This is a rare opportunity to meet all three designers and see their collections in one place so, if you love jewelry, this is a “can’t miss” event!

About Pamela Froman:

Born and raised in the giant melting pot of Manhattan, NY, and graduating from FIT, award-winning fine jewelry designer Pamela Froman began her career in Paris, designing jewelry for top European couturier salons, including Courreges, Cacharel, Carita, Guy Larouche, and Valentino. Living in Europe inspired the designer’s love of old-world architecture, especially scroll-y wrought iron gates and the decorative domes of St. Petersberg. Pamela strongly feels that individuality is the underlying theme of beauty, and believes “the more a piece is worn, the more beautiful it is because it becomes part of the person’s essence”. Froman also admits she has always favored irregular surfaces, which is why her Collection is textured with a special hand-hammering technique she’s dubbed “Crushed”.

Jewelry lovers have had a “crush” on Pamela Froman’s unique design style since the debut of her collection, which earned her the promising title of JCK Rising Star (2006). And when InDesign Magazine identified Pamela as one of the Best New Designers of 2008, it marked the beginning of an award-winning streak that has yet to slow down: She has since been honored to receive the prestigious Town & Country Couture Design Award for Best of Gold (2008), as well as the Spectrum Awards’ Consumer’s Choice Honor (2009), the MJSA Vision Award (2009), the WJA Diva Award (2009), the Couture Design Award for Best in Bridal (2009), and another MJSA Vision Award (2010)!

About Suzy Landa:

Suzy Landa's jewelry appeals to a self-assured woman who isn't afraid of a little self-indulgence: A woman who treats herself to fashion must-haves, not just an occasional piece for a special event. “Fine jewelry should be fun jewelry,” Suzy says. “Precious stones may be worn every day; bright colors can be surprisingly neutral; and diamonds...well, what are you saving them for?!”

Suzy began making jewelry for friends and family at age 5 using colored telephone wire and fuzzy pipe cleaners until she discovered that the candy necklaces available at every local drugstore checkout counter were attracting considerably more attention.

Many years later, as a refugee of the film business, Suzy returned to her childhood passion - this time studying metalsmithing in New York and subsequently turning a hobby into a business.

Today, oddly enough, Suzy still makes things with wire and candy-colored pieces that look good enough to eat; yet precious metals and gemstones have replaced the telephone wire and sugary beads of her childhood. Suzy's designs have evolved into innovative creations using enviable craftsmanship, and they continue to reflect those she made as a designer-in-training so many years ago.

About Just Jules:

Julie Romanenko has been creating jewelry for almost 20 years, and it has been an incredible journey. In 1996 Julie moved from New York to Scottsdale, Arizona; her exposure to both the Northeast and Southwest markets has enabled her to expand and develop her creative talents and, in 2002, Julie was one of five artisans invited to exhibit her work at the International Festival of Art in Florence, Italy!

Julie works with organic shapes, textures and themes to create naturalistic jewels of silver and gold. She carefully chooses gemstones that favor bright colors and rugged shapes, often leaving them in their natural state to be centerpieces in flirty necklaces, rings and earrings. Favorite gems include chunky odd-shaped pearls, Tahitian pearls, freeform boulder opals and watermelon tourmaline. Her playful twist to fine jewelry is unique and refreshing.

The latest Just Jules Collection includes vintage elements and new pieces that are vintage-inspired, created from Julie's lifelong fascination with Antique Jewelry. Her newest designs, one of a kinds, and classic favorites can be seen at galleries nationwide, and you can meet Julie at an upcoming trunk show and see the passion and love that goes into every piece of jewelry.

About Lux Bond & Green:

For over a century, Lux Bond & Green has been dedicated to offering truly extraordinary diamonds, jewelry, watches and gifts, exceptional customer service, and meticulous gift-wrapping.

Lux Bond & Green represents and partners with the most respected international watch, jewelry, and gift brands, which have helped them foster clients around the world. Their comfortable and elegant stores are staffed without pressures or commissioned sales and service staff who are completely dedicated to your desire for quality, value, fashions, design, and exceptional service. Lux Bond & Green is proud to be the oldest continuously operating family jeweler in New England.