Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lorraine DePasque on Opal Jewelry

Switching from “Off” to “On” with Opal [excerpt*]

For well over a year, I’ve been thinking about opals—not Mexican fire opals, but all the others: precious white and black, Ethiopian and Australian, honey and seascape, and those cool pattern-y ones like jelly, matrix, and harlequin. Truthfully, until the past year-and-a-half-or-so, I hadn’t been thinking much about opals. For me, they just never ranked high up there as a personal style choice.
And, yes, I realize some people aren’t happy I’m saying that, but we all have our favorite gems, and then others we’re more lukewarm about. (Don’t we?) Maybe Sir Walter Scott’s 1929 novel, “Anne of Geierstein,” in which he wrote about opal as bringing bad luck to its owner, had something to do with it? Although probably not, as I’ve never been particularly superstitious.

Anyhow, of late, my position on opals has changed. Apparently, as more contemporary designers over the past year have embraced opals, I have, too. I’m fairly certain that the refreshing ways they’re working this “old” stone into jewelry are what’s made me take a closer look...
At Couture, I was impressed with Pamela Froman’s new designs based on October’s birthstone. For as long as I can remember, Froman’s been a fan of opals of all varieties, and she’s been working with a lot of Ethiopian opals, especially in her one-of-a-kinds. I especially love what she’s doing with opal matrix: taking the unusual, often complex pattern of an opal matrix and making it visually complementary to the unusual metalworking that’s signature to her jewelry. (Truly, it’s art, if ever I saw it.)

"Scroll Crush Mommy Earrings" 18k Pink & Yellow Crushed Gold, featuring unique Australian Matrix Opal briolettes, with sparkling diamond accents; "Mommy" means the Scroll Studs can be worn without the drops.

*This is an excerpt from the full article by Lorraine, which originally appeared on's Shine Blog.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Opal Cutting Glass

We saw that our fab store McCaskill & Company had an interesting fact on their facebook page: Opals can cut glass!  We had never heard this, so we decided to try it while at a trunk show at Dolce Jewels in Telluride.  Only Beau would have an extra opal and piece of glass lying around! Watch...
So cool that it actually works! 
Pamela was filming on her iPhone and was the narrator's voice, you can hear me laughing in the background.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Telluride: Wine, Charity, Jewels, and New Friends

Dolce Sign

Busy Trunk Show and Wine tasting...

New client-new friend, Stephanie wearing her new Black Diamond Necklace!
"Scroll Crush Medallion" in 18k yellow gold with black rose cut diamond center stone & white diamonds.

Photos of Pamela & Stephanie; there was a discussion which looked better, eyes looking at camera or eyes looking off to one side. (Matt below with Beau) liked the one off to the side!

Matt & Beau
This is Chris who besides getting his beautiful wife Stephanie her black diamond necklace,  got himself a necklace too, not this one though! He was deciding between this 18k yellow gold & black diamond cross and the 18k yellow gold & black diamond medallion for Stephanie and he decided to model it himself. Doesn't he look great?!

Beau, Natalie & Jilienne
Beau & Catherine on Catherine's motorcycle that Beau is dreaming of owning!

Beautiful Catherine & Jake. 
Beau, Caci & Rosie

Sunset in Telluride to the left of the gallery.

Sunset in Telluride to the right of the gallery.