Monday, July 9, 2012

Telluride: Wine, Charity, Jewels, and New Friends

Dolce Sign

Busy Trunk Show and Wine tasting...

New client-new friend, Stephanie wearing her new Black Diamond Necklace!
"Scroll Crush Medallion" in 18k yellow gold with black rose cut diamond center stone & white diamonds.

Photos of Pamela & Stephanie; there was a discussion which looked better, eyes looking at camera or eyes looking off to one side. (Matt below with Beau) liked the one off to the side!

Matt & Beau
This is Chris who besides getting his beautiful wife Stephanie her black diamond necklace,  got himself a necklace too, not this one though! He was deciding between this 18k yellow gold & black diamond cross and the 18k yellow gold & black diamond medallion for Stephanie and he decided to model it himself. Doesn't he look great?!

Beau, Natalie & Jilienne
Beau & Catherine on Catherine's motorcycle that Beau is dreaming of owning!

Beautiful Catherine & Jake. 
Beau, Caci & Rosie

Sunset in Telluride to the left of the gallery.

Sunset in Telluride to the right of the gallery.


  1. Love that stunning Black Diamond Necklace...
    very nice design..especially the pendant
    Thanks for sharing


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