Thursday, September 26, 2013

Featured in Inside Weddings Jewelry Box - New & Notable Engagement Rings!

Pamela's unique yellow diamond "Ellie" engagement ring was featured in Inside Weddings magazine's Fall 2013 Jewelry Box section which focused on New & Notable Engagement Rings!  What makes this 18kw ring special is the non-traditional 2.06ct icy yellow diamond center, framed by a halo of sparkling gvs diamonds; the curvy "crushed" shank gives the ring a distinctly feminine feel.     

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Idazzle's conversation with Pamela Froman - an insider's guide to jewelryJewelry Designer Spotlight: A Conversation with Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry

Pamela Froman is a jewelry designer with her own unapologetically distinctive style. Besides the astonishing gemstones Pamela features, her jewelry is instantly recognizable for its textured finish, which she brands as “Crushed”. The surface is so lush, it begs to be touched.

Pamela Froman Arabesque Ball Pendant
Pamela Froman Arabesque Ball pendant in 18kt gold.
Pamela has been winning design awards almost since she began designing. Her design aesthetic manages to straddle an old-world-master classic and hip edge, which sounds contradictory, until you see it. Scrolls, definitive and feminine at the same time, repeat and connect in her work. She has developed particular alloys for her gold, which is available in a rainbow of colors: yellow, rose, browns, even black. The gemstones–jaw-dropping–she has cut for her from larger rough that she chooses with deliberation.

Pamela Froman necklace
Pamela Froman necklace with faceted Apatite beads and diamond centerpiece, with Boulder opal and Paraiba pendant that detaches.
The surface of the gold, or the occasional piece in platinum or palladium, employs a hand-hammering that goes beyond a purely surface treatment. When I touch it, I can almost FEEL the goldsmith and the labor and tools. With the satin finish, it makes a distinctive impression that reflects the effort and time to produce it.

Pamela Froman boulder opal ring
Remember when I wore this Pamela Froman Boulder opal, Paraiba and diamond ring in 18kt gold to the Women’s Jewelry Association Gala? Still my favorite piece of Pamela’s!
I caught up with Pamela at a trunk show at Fox’s Gem Shop in Seattle, and had a chance to speak to her about what is new and fascinating in her fine jewelry world.

What are you most excited about lately with Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry?

I’ve been very excited about my new Boulder Opal pieces that debuted recently at the Couture Jewelry Show. I am planning to expand the Boulder Opal, Tanzanite, and Paraiba combinations. These “Caribbean Crush” earrings have been great, and I’m looking to expand the color spectrum on these, into different color stories. Of course, I need to find the gems first, but that’s always fun.

Pamela Froman Earrings
Pamela Froman Caribbean Crush earrings in Tanzanite and Paraiba tourmaline in 18kt gold.

All of your jewelry is made in the U.S., correct?

Yes, it’s all manufactured in Los Angeles, where I’m based.

Tell me about the Platinum Rutile collection, it’s kind of an incredible stone.

I buy all the clean rough my gemstone supplier has, then I have them cut for me. This is how I source a lot of my stones.
Pamela Froman Ring
Pamela Froman ring with amazing platinum rutile center stone, diamonds, and 18kt gold.
I like the one with some brown in it.
Yes, I usually buy the really clean stones, but this one has the soft, beautiful brown in it that I thought worked for the finished piece.

Yes, I love stones with an internal dialogue! What’s next for you?

I need to figure out my entries into the AGTA Spectrum Awards and the [WJA] Diva Design Competition! Probably a Boulder Opal piece!
Pamela is as warm and approachable as the jewelry she eloquently designs. If you have the opportunity to meet her, make sure you do! You can see more of Pamela’s designs at the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group’s website at, or Like her Facebook page here.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fox's Gem Shop in Seattle Trunk Show

Come join us as we debut our collection in the beautiful city of Seattle at Fox's Gem Shop! Hope to see you there!