Monday, December 22, 2014

Designer Profile of Pamela Froman by Broken English Jewelry

This is the gorgeous header image used for Pamela's interview on the Broken English blog, jewelry by Pamela Froman.

Broken English is a very cool jewelry store, with locations in both Los Angeles and New York, that we are proud to work with!  Recently, Chris and Lucy (from the Broken English blog) visited Pamela's Los Angeles studio to interview the designer and photograph the beautiful space she works in as well as some of her fabulous fine jewelry creations.

Click here to see all the beautiful photography on the Broken English blog.

They also had Pamela fill out a questionnaire by hand (see above.) You can see a larger version of the handwritten answers (complete with scrolly doodles!) on the Broken English blog. But, since it's hand-written I decided to transcribe the questionnaire for you here in case you had trouble reading it in the original format:

Pamela Froman

Creative Soul & Jewelry Designer

I've Always Wanted To:
Swim with dolphins & design housewares & furniture & watches.

I'm Inspired By:
Architecture, strong women designers & amazing stones with cool inner dialogue.

My Favorite Place Is:
Eze or St. Paul De Vence in the South of France, or cuddling with my son & husband watching a movie.

Style For Me Is:
Individuality, someone who marches to the beat of their own drum!

My Fondest Memory Is:
Living in Paris, designing jewelry for the top couturiers, like Courreges, Valentino, Carita, etc. and immersing myself in the culture.

I Can't Live Without:
My friends and family (& Dark Chocolate Mint M&Ms)

My Greatest Love Is:
My beautiful, sweet, funny son, Hudson Elijah.

I'm Most Proud Of:
My son!

The Most Important Lesson I've Learned Is:
To listen to what someone has to say and then make your own decision & trust your gut!

Right Now I Am:

My Future Is:
Designing more than jewelry: housewares, furniture, maybe watches and handbags.

It's A Miracle That:
I made my son and that the earth produces incredible gems.

My Style Icons Are:
Audrey Hepburn, CoCo Chanel, Alexander McQueen

Always Remember That:
It takes as much effort to be kind as it does to be rude.

The Best Thing That Happened To Me Is:
My son Hudson & winning the Couture Town & Country Magazine Award in Gold!

The Best Decision I Made Is:
I know, redundant, but to have my son!

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