Saturday, May 3, 2008


There is currently a proposed bill before Congress called the Orphan Works Act. This proposal, if passed, will essentially void all of your intellectual property copyrights! If you are a visual artist that relies on copyright laws to protect your work, you should be aware of this issue. Visit to further research this bill. You can also listen to an mp3 of an interview recorded Saturday April 5, 2008, where artist and producer Mark Simon discusses this issue with Brad Holland of the Illustrator's Partnership: Mr. Holland and Mr. Simon have given their permission for this audio file to be copied and transferred and replayed, so feel free to forward this information to all of your friends. If you'd like updates on what's going on with this bill, you can get on the Illustrator's Partnership e-mail list by sending a request to Lobbyists are trying to push this bill through before the creative community realizes what's going on, so please read up on this and spread the word to every creative person and group you know!

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