Saturday, October 25, 2008

Canadian Jewelry Magazines

I was just searching the net for fun and saw my name in a snippet of a Canadian magazine article! I thought that was pretty cool, so I investigated further and found the pdf of Canadian Jeweller where you can flip through the whole magazine online. I started scanning through the pages, kind of zoning out, and all of a sudden I see my face (really big!) staring at me from the contents page. Weird?! So I went to page 40 (the number next to my face) and there's my photo again with a nice article entitled "Industry Looks Out for Pamela Froman" (retyped below.) Very flattering, but I wish they'd shown some photos of my jewelry! Anyway, I decided to do a little more google-ing and I found my work was recently in 2 other Canadian magazines: the August '08 & October '08 issues of Jewellery Business Magazine (shown below.) Apparently, I'm a hit in Canada! Now I just need to get my work into Canadian stores...

My tri-color "Medusa's Crush" Cuff, made of 18k Pink, 18k Green & 18k White Gold

My "Crushed Bangles" in assorted styles: 18k Pink, 18k White & 18k Yellow Gold, with and without Diamonds

Canadian Jeweller article (originally printed in the August 2008 issue):

InDesign Magazine recently identified Pamela Froman as a designer to watch this year. "Generation Next: 10 jewelry designers to watch in 2008" polled a panel of top fine jewellery retailers and industry experts to determine the up-and-coming artists who are sure to be the next big names in jewellery design. Froman's unique design aesthetic, master craftsmanship and the versatility of her pieces earner her a place among this elite group of designers.
According to one of the panel members, World Gold Council's Duvall O'Steen, "Pamela has literally reinvented tri-color gold. [Her pieces] are unlike anything else on the market." Another panel member, Reinhold Jewelers owner, Marie Helene Morrow, says, "Pamela doesn't overlap with any other designers. Her hand-hammered technique is completely different and unique to her. These pieces are extremely versatile and can be worn every day and for any occasion."
Froman began her career in Paris, designing jewellery for top European couturier salons. She was awarded the title of "Rising Star" when she debuted her collection of fine jewellery at the 2006 JCK Show in Las Vegas. Froman hand-selects exquisite diamonds, unique gemstones and rare pearls, pairing them with platinum, 22k and distinct colours of 18k gold to create her unique pieces.