Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tucson Trip 2009, Part III: Spectrum Awards Gala

Our last night in Tucson, Pamela and I attended the 25th Annual AGTA Spectrum Awards Gala, so that Pamela could be presented with the Consumer's Choice Award for Business/Day Wear. When they called Pamela's name for her to walk to the podium, an image of the winning piece, her tri-color "Pearl Melange Lariat", was shown on a very large screen. (To Pamela's delight, she did not have to give a speech, she has stage fright.) After dinner, a great band played and we hung out with one of Pamela's best friends Erica Courtney & Shayne Kiesbuey dancing and taking silly pictures. It was a fun night!

Gala poster and Consumer's Choice Award Certificate

Pamela with Martin J. Hurwitz, CEO of MVI Marketing / Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council

Myself (Jilienne) and Pamela at the Gala

Pamela & her gal-pal Erica and their award-winning smiles!

Jilienne, Erica, Shayne, and Pamela, acting silly

Pamela & I posing with Manos from Alishan

Manos, you cad!

Shayne, Manos, Pamela & Erica