Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry featured in Jewellery Business Magazine!

Check out the August issue of Canada's Jewelry Magazine, Jewellery Business, to see Pamela Froman's "Ombre Abstract Crush" Necklace! Editor Jacquie De Almeida interviewed Pamela at the Las Vegas Couture Show, so this article also includes a quote taken from that interview: "conspicuous consumption is on it's way out."

The "Ombre Abstract Crush" Necklace, which showcases Pamela Froman's innovative technique for blending multiple colors of gold (in this case, 18k Pink & Yellow) within a single piece, illustrates how you can have a beautiful piece of jewelry without the conspicuous "bling" of diamonds.

Of course, Pamela does work with diamonds. In fact, she uses only beautifully-cut, high quality diamonds, no matter how small. And her method of "scattered" diamond setting (1pt diamonds spaced out across the face of a piece,) adds just the right amount of sparkle without being overtly "blingy," making her pieces versatile enough to wear with jeans or a cocktail dress! Check out the popular "Crushed Queue" Necklace from Pamela's "Crushed Melange" Collection below...

... the tri-color 18k Pendant is removable; on Lambskin Leather Cord, this is a great way to dress up a V-Neck T and jeans; worn on chain, this piece sparkles through the night! This piece is super-versatile: The Leather Cord can also be worn on it's own as a Y-Necklace, with the beautiful tri-color "Crushed Links" Chain to the front... attach the Pendant to the end of the Leather's Chain and you'll have the perfect necklace for a super-sexy deep plunge neckline! It's like 4 necklaces in one!!

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