Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fine Jewelry News Designer Spotlight on Pamela Froman!

The November issue of Fine Jewelry News just came out, and it features a great article about Pamela Froman! For those of you who don't have a subscription to this fabulous newsletter, I've transcribed the article below.

Designer Spotlight: Pamela Froman
by Jodi Goldberg

Imagine working every day in a studio that looks as if it’s sailing into the sky, flooded with natural light and filled with the soothing sounds of exotic birdsong and gently babbling fountains. That’s exactly the inspired setting where Pamela Froman pours creativity, joy, and a sense of well-being into each of her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. She even has a plush, carpeted area for her four-year-old son, Hudson Elijah, to play while she dreams up new designs. Hudson’s picking up a thing or two from his mom while he plays. “This past Mother’s Day I had to follow a trail of Hudson’s dinosaurs and plastic bugs to my present,” Pamela recalls. “It was a sweet surprise. He made me a necklace with beads on it. I guess he is following in his mother’s footsteps, sort of!” Spoken like a daughter who followed her own mother’s artistic footsteps. “One of the most important ingredients in my love for art is my mother, Ann Froman,” the designer shares. Pamela’s mother is a renowned artist whose sculptures have been displayed in museums and galleries all over the world. Ann got her start as a shoe designer, and Footwear News’ fashion editor-at-large, Vivien Infantino, recalled meeting Ann and baby Pamela during an interview in the artist’s home years ago: “We were in the kitchen and [Ann] was making cereal for her baby and I remember that there were little figurines of clay everywhere. She was always sculpting.” Pamela’s own work has a wonderfully weathered, beautifully battered look with a rough-meets-refined feel. “I love irregular surfaces,” the designer explains, “so most of my pieces are textured with a special hand-hammering technique I call ‘Crushed.’” Combined with a satin finish created on a customized wire wheel, the Crushed texture gives a much softer, more feminine feel to the metal. Pamela worked with a jeweler/caster to painstakingly mix a signature palette of gold alloys that are muted and soft and look harmonious when she uses them together. “The colors of the metals are very important to me. I love to use 18k yellow, pink, and green gold with beautiful stones to create a contemporary look that can be worn with designer jeans on the weekend, or with a designer gown on the red carpet.” Pamela’s had the good fortune to be showered with awards and accolades from nearly every corner of the jewelry and fashion industry. This past June, Pamela was honored at the 2009 Couture Design Awards with the “Best in Bridal.” Her winning entry, the beautifully alternative “Crushed Mélange” bridal suite, is crafted from 18k pink, white, and green gold with sparkling diamonds. The engagement ring features a unique opalescent milky diamond, which not only adds to the visual appeal of the ring, but is also less expensive than a colorless diamond of similar size. At last year’s prestigious Town & Country Couture Design Awards, also known as the Oscars of the jewelry industry, Pamela was awarded the “Best of Gold” for her stunning Gothic Harlequin Cross pendant. It features a beautiful aquamarine cut in the shape of a cross, and the back of the pendant is as beautiful as the front, with detailed scroll cut-outs surrounding the designer’s signature “PF” logo. Although an impressive roster of celebrities have a “Crush” on Pamela’s jewelry, she’s less concerned about who’s wearing her jewelry than how it’s being worn. “Two people can wear the same piece and it will have a completely different look,” Pamela says. “I feel strongly that individuality is the underlying theme of beauty.” Pamela’s hip yet timeless pieces are made to be worn and treasured for generations to come. “I believe that the more a piece is worn the more beautiful it is because it becomes part of the person’s essence.”

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