Friday, March 12, 2010

Lark Books' 500 Gemstone Jewels

(The cover piece is by Tom Munsteiner)

p. 47, "Harlequin Sunset" Bracelet w/ "Harlequin Flare" Ring
18k White & 22k Gold with princess-cut Orange Sapphires & faceted Orange Citrine cabochon

p. 146 "Venus' Cross" Pendant
18k Yellow Gold with faceted Pink Tourmaline and pink South Sea Pearls

p. 241 "The Dreamer" Necklace
18k Pink, White & Green Gold, featuring natural Grey Diamonds, with brilliant-cut White Diamonds

Lark Book's latest publication, entitled "500 Gemstone Jewels" includes 3 Pamela Froman creations! We just received our copy today, and the book is gorgeous. If you love jewelry, especially jewelry featuring an array of earth's treasures (from unique quartz to sparkling diamonds, and everything in between,) then this book belongs on your coffee table! It's now available for purchase on Lark Book's website.

From the Back Cover:
500 Gemstone Jewels - The Remarkable Variety of Contemporary Gemstone Jewelry
The vitality of today's top designers who work with gems and stones is evident in the stunning jewelry featured in this juried collection. Some of the pieces have been designed with highly technical settings and rare lapidary specimens while others, no less amazing, have employed basic techniques to achieve innovative, thought-provoking results. "Jewelry can be stimulating as well as beautiful, and this volume is filled with pieces hat are bound to raise aesthetic questions," says curator Cindy Edelstein. "But take my advice: forget about the artistic issues, and allow yourself to be swept away, as I was, by the beauty of the gemstones."

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