Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

We're excited for the new year here at Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry!  Pamela is bursting at the seams with new design ideas she's planning to introduce this year, and we haven't even gone to Tucson yet!  (If you don't know, we go to Tucson every year in February for their annual Gem Show; this is one of the places Pamela discovers her new favorite gems, which inspire fabulous one-of-a-kinds and sometimes entire new collections!)  We're also planning Trunk Shows for the next few months, so Pamela may soon be visiting a store near you.  And, we've got a new website in the works!  All in all, it's looking like 2013 will be a fabulous new year, and we hope you can say the same!


P.S. - If you feel like reading a little more about our annual trek to Tucson, check out our blog post from a few years ago: Tucson Trip 2009, Part I: In Search of the Elusive "It Stone"

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